Author: godrikk


31 Days Journal: Day 20 When I was young back home

OH Crappers! It’s now the 14th of March, which means I’m 15 days behind schedule for this 31 Days Journal Challenge. I’ve been caught up with work now that Riding Season has just started....


31 Days Journal: Day 18 Project with Hands

Day 18 asks me to find a creative project that involves the use of my hands. Two of the suggestions are to start a garden or build a shed. Unfortunately, I don’t have access...


31 Days Journal: Day 17 The Year 1988

For Day 17, I reflect on events that occurred on the year of my birth – 1988. I puledl figures from and Wikipedia.


31 Days Journal: Day 16: The Blurb of My Life

Hmmm. I’m finding this topic about my life a bit too repetitive so I apologise if I am about to make another post about myself. Trust me, I don’t like talking about myself but...


31 Days Journal: Day 14 Looking (HBO)

For Day 14 of the 31 Days Journal, I’ll be writing about what I think of Looking. It’s a new HBO show about 3 gay guys living in today’s San Fransisco. I’ve been told...


Philippines 2014

I interrupt the 31 Days Journal Series to post my entry on my last visit to the Philippines on the 5th – 16th January 2014. First and foremost, I’d like to say thank you...


31 Days Journal: Day 13 Woes and Worries

Hmmm. The last 2 posts had been quite grave and honestly, I seem to be in an emotional low. They are not the most pleasant things to talk about.  Safe to say, I am not...


31 Days Journal: Day 12 Incoherent thoughts

For Day 12 of the 31 Days Journal Challenge, I am asked to type a stream of my consciousness. I can’t promise this is gonna be pretty or coherent but if you can bear...