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31 Days Journal: Day 1

I read on the Art of Manliness about this 31 Day Journal Project and decided to give it a go. Reading that post reminded me of my Livejournal days when I used to write...


2014 My New Year’s Goals

I’ve never been a maker of New Year’s Resolutions but for 2014, I’m going to give it a go. I want to track and remind myself what I need to accomplish at the end...


2013 Wrap Up

Here’s the wrap up of my 2013 !


Ph1 Week 10

Soldier Development Wing – Sennybridge   A week in Wales away from the walls of Pirbright to taste what Adventure Training is about. We trekked across the Black Mountains, traversed through caves and had...


Ph1 Week 9

Week 9 The lull of the routine was broken in Delhi Troop with Baker and Gough getting into trouble for heckling some younger crows from their section window. The said crow had gone to...


Rock Climbing AT in Bavaria 2013

In January this year (2013), our band went on Adventure Training in Capel Curig, Wales. While the majority of us went hill walking in the nigh frigid weather, me and the other 2 of...


Ph1 Week 8

That weekend of being away from camp the first time in 7 weeks was certainly welcomed! Despite not really needing to wake up early, I found myself awake at 0600! Admittedly, it was odd...


Belfast 2013

Day 1: 22 Aug 2013  1320 Dublin Connelly to 1535 Belfast Central Rail Station You can check train timetables on Translink.  After about 2 hours on the train, we arrived at Belfast at around...


Dublin 2013

As what is in common with the rest of the posts in this blog, here’s a post on a series of back log entries for our trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland, back in...


Ph1 Week 7

We worked up for a Sgt’s block inspection on the Monday to then prepare us for the OC’s (rank: Major) inspection on Wednesday. Pass it and we go on a much needed long weekend...